Thunder Rugby Announces Partnership with MacDowell Rugby

Two weeks after signing an agreement with BC Grassroots Rugby led by Clay Panga. Thunder Rugby have signed another partnership agreement with a well respected grassroots rugby organization, MacDowell Rugby, led by Robin MacDowell.

The goal of MacDowell Rugby is to develop athletes by giving them the tools on and off the field to support their academic, athletic, and life aspirations. Their goal for athletes is to Dream big, Believe in themselves, and Succeed in rugby and life!

Thunder Rugby is focused on promoting the sport of rugby to Indigenous youth in British Columbia and across Canada in a sustainable fashion; and to having Indigenous culture play a greater role in the development of rugby in British Columbia and Canada.

MacDowell Rugby and Thunder Rugby share common goals and look forward to supporting each other in reaching these common goals.

Robin MacDowell, representing MacDowell Rugby, stated: “I’m proud and honoured to partner with the team at Thunder Rugby to continue to grow the game in Indigenous communities.”

Phil Mack, representing Thunder Rugby, had this to say: “I’ve known Robin for a while, he’s a quality individual and is creating an organization to provide youth with the tools and opportunities to succeed at rugby and at life. We feel he’s a good match for Thunder Rugby and will help us provide more opportunities for Indigenous youth”.

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